25 Shows To Bingewatch On Netflix During Isolation – (March 28th 2020 Edition)

With everyone and everything everywhere going into isolation, Netflix has just become one of the most popular ‘items on the menu’ in regards to entertainment and ‘sanity saving’ for the next couple of months. So we thought we would give you guys the rundown on some of the more worthy binge-watching content on offer in March 2020.


OOOH! I love a bit of fantasy/medievil/historical fiction drama!

With the first season just released this week, this is a 6 episode series set in a medieval/fantasy kingdom.

It follows the story of a “ruthless prince who threatens to cast the world into darkness, when a young knight named Tiuri (Amir Wilson) embarks on an epic quest to deliver a secret letter to the king,” Netflix have said.

On this journey, Tuiri discovers what it truly takes to become a knight as he and his friends constantly face danger from dark forces trying to stop them from delivering the message.

Tiuri soon learns the prophecy foretelling the rise of the hero who will defeat the prince and save the world.

Next on my list!


25 great shows to binge-watch in isolation
courtesy of Netflix


Just released this week, this  is a 4 part series based on the True Story of Deborah Feldman. Growing up among the members of the religious Satmar sect, Feldman’s every move was controlled from her clothing to which language she was allowed to speak until she decided to run away.

The series tells the story of a young ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman (Esty) who flees her arranged marriage and religious community to start a new life abroad in Berlin. Here she is welcomed by a group of musicians in Berlin, but her past is quick to find her again.

Courtesy Netflix


Released yesterday March 27th, Uncorked is an  American drama film. It tells the story of Elijah who fuelled  by his love for wine unrolls in a course to become a master sommelier, and elite position given only to a handful who are able to pass its notoriously difficult exam. Elijah’s dream upends the expectations of his father, Louis who is insistent on Elijah taking over the long-held ‘family barbecue business’. This film explores relationships as Elijah wrestles with the demands of a new girlfriend, his study and the opposition of his Father until tragedy strikes and forces them to rethink their goals.

Courtesy of IMDb


Releasing globally on April 3rd, Part 4 of this English-dubbed-Spanish series has amassed a dedicated following. It is one of the most popular Netflix series of all time.

In Season 1:

A genius, named Professor, contracts eight people with nothing to lose and enfolds them into a plan to occupy the Royal Mint of Spain, kidnap a couple dozen citizens, and print hundreds of millions of dollars. To keep everyone’s identities a secret, the newly contracted bank robbers are named after cities and told to keep all personal information to themselves. However, how interesting would the story be if everyone followed the rules? One misstep after another leaves eight robbers with good intentions, and an airtight plan, left to adapt to all that could go wrong… and does. And it all revolves around LOVE. It’s hard to pinpoint a villain because you can understand both sides. You get caught up in the game of mental chess (or better described as battleship), in an awkward position where you’ve come to love the people on both sides, and you’re left hopelessly wishing that, somehow, both teams would win.

Season 2:
I could tell you, but you will have to watch to see if they escape or not and who gets killed and who survives. It’s dramatic and worth watching, even for a dubbed show.
Season 3:

was released in 2019 and sees the team reunite for a final heist after one of their own is captured by the authorities. The third series known as La Casa de Papel in Spanish, follows them as they come together to steal gold from the Bank of Spain. But what happens in the dramatic finale episode to one of the most popular characters? I can’t tell you, coz I don’t want to ruin it.

Season 4:

(Warning Spoilers!) The trailer features Tokyo narrating stating that the Professor has lost his mind and we get a first glimpse as to what will happen with Raquel in season 4. She’s offered the chance to get her old life back.

Throughout the trailer, we also get plenty of action shots suggesting this is going to be a fast-paced and action-packed fourth entry.

Great for a bingewatch to get ready for the final season.


Courtesy of Buzz Street Times


Coming Sunday March 29th. Eye in the Sky is a Wartime political thriller. This movie was originally released in 2015  and stars Helen Mirren. The film explores the ethical challenges of drone warfare. It is also the last live-action film to feature the fabulous Alan Rickman.

It received very good reviews when released.

Courtesy of IMDb


This is a true crime docu-series that looks very interesting. 

In 2013, Massachusetts State Police arrest 35-year-old crime drug lab chemist Sonja Farak for tampering with evidence: and that was only the beginning. Over time, details emerged that Farak had been in fact using the drugs that she was tasked with testing. Did anyone know what had been going on? And when did they find out? The scope of Farak’s addiction—and the number of people convicted as a result of her drug testing—comes to light, despite repeated efforts to suppress evidence in the case. This riveting four-part docuseries directed by Erin Lee Carr (Mommy Dead and Dearest, Dirty Money) examines an essential, but obscured, part of the criminal justice system. In addition to re-creations of Farak’s compelling grand jury testimony and interviews with attorneys and experts, we hear from Farak’s family for the first time, delving deep into how the actions of one crime lab employee can impact tens of thousands of lives


courtesy rollingstone.com

7. YOU

There are 2 Seasons available. Each has 10 (approximately 45-50 minute) episodes, with a third season scheduled to be released in 2021.

The first season follows Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager in New York, who meets Guinevere Beck, an aspiring writer, with whom he becomes immediately infatuated. To feed his obsession, he soon turns to social media and technology to track her presence and eliminate any possible obstacles that stand in the way of their romance. 

In the second season, Joe Goldberg moves from New York to Los Angeles to escape his past, and starts over with a new identity. When he meets avid chef Love Quinn, Joe begins falling into his old patterns of obsession and violence. As Joe attempts to forge a new love, he strives to make his relationship with Love succeed at all costs, to avoid the fate of his past romantic endeavours.

I personally enjoyed this twisted stalker-type thriller. Believable? No, but entertaining? Yes.



If you haven’t watched this one, Hello! Where have you been? If you love historical fiction, you will love this one. 

3 Seasons are available to watch. The first 2 with 8 episodes each and the third with ten. Apparently there will be a fourth season coming too. Yay! 

The Last Kingdom is a British historical fiction television series based on Bernard Cornwell‘s The Saxon Stories series of novels. It is set in the late 9th century AD, when England is divided into seven separate kingdoms. This series tells the story of Uhtred a young Saxon Lord turned Viking who battles through life and loves as both: (a Saxon Lord and a Viking) in a kingdom divided. Can’t wait for Season 4


Courtesy: IMDb


A 2hr long action movie featuring Ryan Reynolds as a sort of renegade spy/mercenary who recruits 6 other ‘off the grid’ agents to kill off ‘the baddies’ and rid the world of another evil tyrant trying to suppress his ‘people’. Goofy but entertaining!


Courtesy: IMDb


An American drama/fantasy series. One season with 8 episodes. 

Set on a fictional, medieval-inspired landmass known as “the Continent”, The Witcher explores the legend of Geralt of Rivia and princess Ciri, who are linked by destiny to each other. The show initially follows three main protagonists (Geralt, Ciri and Yennifer) at different points of time, exploring formative events that shaped their characters, before eventually merging into a single timeline.

Not knowing anything about the show or books, I initially found this hard to follow. But once explained it was episodes showing separate adventures of Geralt with some events of Ciri and Yennefer’s storylines, it became much clearer.

He is definitely a bit of ‘eye candy’ and I ended up enjoying the series and am looking forward to the next instalment.

Courtesy: Reddit


An 8 episode mini-series starring Toni Collette, Merritt Wever, and Kaitlyn Dever. It is about a series of rapes in Washington State and Colorado that occured between 2008 and 2011.

Unbelievable follows “Marie, a teenager who was charged with lying about having been raped, and the two detectives who followed a twisting path to arrive at the truth.  Heartbreaking and powerful!

Courtesy: IMDb


4 Seasons of Raunchy, lust-worthy, bloody gore that was actually a darn good watch.

This follows the life of Spartacus the Gladiator who led a rebellion against the Romans.

Courtesy: IMDb


The Fall was rated 8.2/10 on IMDB. A crime/drama/ thriller that examines the lives of two hunters. One is a serial killer who stalks his victims in and around Belfast and the other is a talented Detective Superintendent from the MET who is brought in to catch him. 

Courtesy: IMDb


Schitt’s Creek is a comedy series was rated 8.3/10 on IMDB. The series follows the trials and tribulations of the formerly filthy-rich Rose family who are forced to relocate to Schitt’s Creek, a small town they once purchased as a joke. Now living in two adjoining motel rooms, Johnny (Eugene Levy) and Moira (Catherine O’Hara) Rose—along with their adult children, David (Dan Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy)—must adjust from a pampered rich existance to a life without money and with each other. 

Courtesy: Netflix Canada


A 2019 black comedy starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. 

One season of 10 episodes is available on Netflix at present with a second season on the way.

Dead to Me is about “a powerful friendship that blossoms between Jen (Applegate) and Judy (Cardellini). Jen is a recently widowed real estate agent trying to come to terms with her loss through therapy, exercise, and other methods. She uses anger and resentment as an outlet for her grief.

This is how she meets Judy, who is a part of a therapy group composed of bereft spouses. Jen is mourning her husband, who was killed by a hit-and-run driver, while Judy grieves for her fiancé, who died of a heart attack.

The two characters face their loss differently as Jen finds herself in a dark place, struggling with her grief while Judy maintains a positive disposition. This difference quickly leads to a deep bond between the two. However, Judy keeps a dark secret that causes a disturbing plot twist. She was involved in the death of her friend’s husband. Jen becomes more unhinged as she unravels the mystery of her husband’s death and secret life

Looking forward to the second season with great anticipation.

Courtesy: The Film Experience


Six wonderful seasons of gory, exciting, lusty, historical fiction. One of the most popular series on Netflix of all time and rightly so.

Vikings was inspired by the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok; one of the best-known legendary Norse heroes. He was notorious and known as the scourge of England and France. The series tells the tales ofthe Norsemen of early medievalScandinavia. It broadly follows the exploits of the legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok and his crew, family and descendant., Further inspiration is taken from historical sources of the period, such as records of the Viking raid on Lindisfarne depicted in the second episode, or Ahmad ibn Fadlan‘s 10th-century account of the Varangians. The series begins at the start of the Viking Age, marked by the Lindisfarne raid in 793.


Courtesy: Common Sense Media


A documentary focusing on the death and subsequent trial of Michael Peterson who was accused of his wife Kathleen’s death after he said she fell down the stairs in 2001. A real-life courtroom thriller with many twists and turns. One to watch if you enjoy true crime.

It’s an interesting insight into how both prosecution teams and the defence mount their arguments, what they latch onto, and how they present their cases.

Courtesy: Livingly


If you’re into the Saturday Night Live brand of comedy then adding Brooklyn Nine-Nine to your to-watch list should be a no-brainer. The series follows Andy Samberg as the immature but somehow genius detective Jake Peralta as he and his fellow detectives get up to shenanigans while fighting crime.

Courtesy: Netflix Canada

19. EXTRACTION -Coming on 24/4/2020

Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth – drool, drool, drool!) is a fearless black market mercenary with nothing left to lose when his skills are solicited to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord. But in the murky underworld of weapons dealers and drug traffickers, an already deadly mission approaches the impossible, forever altering the lives of Rake and the boy. An action-packed, edge-of-your-seat thriller.


20. THE INNOCENCE FILE – coming on 15/4/20

The Innocence Files shines a light on the untold personal stories behind eight cases of wrongful conviction that the nonprofit organization the Innocence Project and organizations within the Innocence Network have uncovered and worked tirelessly to overturn. The nine-episode series is composed of three compelling parts – The Evidence, The Witness and The Prosecution. These stories expose difficult truths about the state of America’s deeply flawed criminal justice system, while showing when the innocent are convicted, it is not just one life that is irreparably damaged forever: families, victims of crime and trust in the system are also broken in the process.



Reality Tv at it’s best?

A cross between Married At First Site and The Bachelor.

Courtesy: BuzzFeed


The four-part doco series follows small town pharmacist Dan Schneider and the quest to solve his son’s murder case, and consequently his battle against giant pharmaceutical corporations. In 1999, Dan’s son was shot and killed whilst reportedly trying to buy drugs in New Orleans’s Ninth Ward. Unhappy with the slow pace of the police’s investigation, Dan sets out to solve the murder – and along the way stumbles into the world of prescription drug abuse and the impact it has on New Orleans opioid epidemic. The Pharmacist turns into a David Vs. Goliath fight between the everyday dad and the big pharma boys, as Dan investigates the drug OxyContin, determined to end pharmaceutical pill trafficking in his home state of Louisiana, and the whole of the US.

Courtesy: IMDb


A family friendly series which focuses on Dion, a young boy who suddenly develops powers after his father was exposed to extraterrestrial radiation while watching the Northern Lights in Ireland. Alisha Wainwright takes on the role of the widowed mum, Nicole, who must protect her son Dion and keep the seven-year-old’s growing powers a secret. But it isn’t easy for the struggling mother to figure out how to raise her superhuman child while job hunting and mourning the death of her husband. There’s also the issue of an evil force trying to kill people like Dion and a suspicious environmental company that the duo need to keep an eye out for.

Courtesy: IMDb


Reportedly been the most-watched U.S. series on Netflix ever since it premiered in May, and Aussie audiences finally have the chance to see why. When They See Us tells the powerful story of Antron McCray, Korey Wise, Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson and Raymond – five black and brown teens who were falsely accused of a violent attack on a woman in Central Park, New York City. The boys were imprisoned between six and 13 years for assault, rape and attempted murder, until they were found innocent and exonerated of the crimes.

The ‘Central Park Five’ were interrogated for up to 40 hours, and during this time were deprived of any food, water, legal representation and denied from seeing any of their parents. There were also no DNA matches with the sample from the rape kit.

Courtesy: IMDb


A British mystery thriller series that begins when a mysterious stranger tells a man a secret that has a devastating impact on his seemingly perfect life. This Stranger is a woman in her mid-20s with a baseball cap, and is learned to be correlated with more secrets as the series progresses. This secret affects the man’s wife who goes missing as a result.

Courtesy: Primetimer

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