Ankle Boots for Autumn & Winter

Ankle Boots for Autumn & Winter

Ankle Boots are a must in the colder seasons in Australia – Yes! Even in Queensland. It sometimes drops to below 20 degrees Celsius – LOL!

While we don’t get the freezing temperatures like they do down South, it is definitely cool enough for jeans or long pants and ankle boots – at least here in the South East corner.


This month, like everyone else in the world, we couldn’t get to the change-room (because they were all closed) due to Covid 19. So all our research was compiled online. We trawled quite a few of the more well-known Westfield Shoe Suppliers, but of course, couldn’t include everyone.

We are so looking forward to getting back into the change-rooms – hopefully for June…

I must say I actually found some gorgeous designs. I wish I had a bigger wardrobe…

If you tend to follow trends:

There are a few that have been popular on the catwalks overseas for 2020. The most ‘wearable’ include: The ‘hiker-style’ boot, the ‘lace-up’, the ‘heavy-tread’ soled boot, the ‘rain-boot’, the ‘kitten-heel’, the ‘western-style’ is still making it’s presence felt and my personal faves – the ‘square-toed’  and ‘pointed toe’ ankle boots – are they EVER uncool though?

With all the sales happening at present, it’s a great time to buy and support local business.

Here is what we found…

 Pics courtesy of  Novo, Big W, Ninewest, Zara, Jo Mercer, Wittner,, Kmart, Target, Famous Footwear, Sandler, Williams.

Some prices may vary according to current sales, (so please double-check online) but are correct for May 2020.

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Tan/Light Brown coloured Ankle Boots

Chocolate/Brown Ankle Boots

Black Ankle Boots

Black patterned/croc Ankle Boots

Coloured Ankle Boots

Coloured with pattern Ankle Boots