Becoming Irrelevant Beings, Ageing With Relevance

Becoming Irrelevant Beings, Ageing with relevance

At what point in our lives do we start becoming irrelevant in the eyes of some people, or even ourselves?
By irrelevant, I mean we become invisible to other people, we begin to wonder why no one is asking our opinion any more, asking for our advice, seeking approval, respecting our wishes, even just wanting a chat.

Are you there yet?

 At what point in your life do you feel like you have been pushed aside for the younger generation, up and coming CEO’s, Managers, GM’s etc… 

I am talking about ageing and the feeling of being set aside. I know this seems extreme, but for those that are getting towards the end of their prime, this is a very real feeling. 

Slowing down is a natural and completely normal progression in life.

The over 50-70’s start to slow down, not all, but a lot do. This may be mostly by choice. We want time to ‘smell the roses’, enjoy our Grandchildren, our friends and our lives. We don’t have to rush around like we did when the children were younger and always ‘on the go’. Many of us may finish up our careers and take on a more manageable pace of life.

It only seems like yesterday.

Let’s be real when we were in our 20’s how did we view the older generation? Did you think you knew it all as you aged in years and progressed in your careers with technology? Did the thought of your grandparents keeping up with it seem impossible? Did you just assume that they wouldn’t be able to keep up? Why did you not take the time to show them? 

You can learn new things at any age.

Most people at any age are eager to learn and keep abreast of developments, but it becomes more difficult as we age: It seems no-one ‘has the time’ to spend with elderly grandparents; not only to teach them new skills but to learn from their vast experience.

The ‘R’ word 

The ‘R’ Word (Retirement), can be scary at any age. I am currently a few months off from 60 and with retirement looming, ‘panic’ is the word that comes to the forefront of my mind when I stop and really think about it!
Why panic? 

Let me explain…

I still have a mortgage, not a lot but enough to keep me working until 70 realistically. I would like a little more Super put aside. Unfortunately, superannuation wasn’t around when I started working, it came later into my working life. My career was interrupted when I stopped work a few times to have my children and I was divorced at 40 and became a single Mum to 2 young children.
I had to get a full-time job to be able to afford a decent life and home for myself and my children as my husband and I were renting at the time we separated. Life was a struggle, but I kept moving forward. While I am proud of what I have accomplished, I feel I am behind the 8-ball when it comes to my retirement.

Money issues aside.

If you are like me: you like to be kept active and mentally stimulated, can’t sit still unless you are sleeping, then what are you going to do in your retirement?

You need a plan.

Planning is essential for a healthy and happy retirement. Be proactive in and for your own wellbeing. Don’t wait around or rely on other people for your plans and ultimate happiness. You are in control.

Retirement: the action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work

The meaning of the word ‘Retirement’ means ceasing work, NOT, ceasing to LIVE.
Younger retirees tend to be very active. They may be busy looking after grandchildren, caravanning around Australia, going on cruises and travelling adventures. In a retirement village, there are so many activities to keep them busy if they choose to participate. There’s no excuse to be bored or to just sit at home and watch TV all day.
The retirees that participate in lots of activities and keep busy, tend to be healthier and happier than those that are more inactive. Research indicates these people are inclined to have a more negative view of life and more health issues to deal with.

Positive Mental Health

Positive mental health is critical at any age.

We need to keep an eye on our older generation: If they are on their own, make sure to call them, even if you can’t visit them all the time; do a health check; make their day. They don’t want much, but people contact’ can be so important as many of them feel like they have been forgotten.
As we age, it is also important to be mindful of keeping connected eg: get involved in groups, volunteer work, activities, start a group yourself, be pro-active as ultimately you are responsible for you.

For Me

My own approach to irrelevance is to stay active in mind and body……I try to stay as current as I can. I am conscious of releasing negative feelings in general, practising gratitude and like to embrace the here and now, I live for today…