Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales are coming Australia! 

‘What are these events’ you ask, and when: Read below to score all the info!

What, When and Where you can grab awesome bargains before Christmas.

Here is what you need to know!

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Events have taken over in Australia as ‘the biggest sales events of the year’. Yes, they even exceeded last years’ Boxing Day sales!


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are traditionally US themed, annual events that coincide with Thanksgiving and the advent of Online Shopping.

 These sales are rapidly gaining popularity in Australia due to the fact that many online sites ship internationally and in turn are now more accessible to us here in Oz. Yayyy!!!

Because these online sales events are so popular, and, in order to compete with a growing international market, Australian Department Stores will follow the overseas sales trend here. This is such a win for us savvy shoppers because it obviously allows us to stock up on gifts at greatly reduced prices for the Christmas season ahead.

There are bargains to be had in most arenas from tech items and electronics, beauty, clothing, homewares, books… you name it!

Firstly: Be prepared! 

Have a list of who to buy for and if possible, an idea of ‘what’ to buy BEFORE the sales start.

Secondly: Don’t panic! 

If you don’t get it Friday, Cyber Monday shopping online is awesome and most retailers will be stocked up ready to do big business. (Traditionally, Black Friday sales included more tech/electronic items and Cyber Monday more general/lifestyle products). Also worth noting, MANY retailers extend the sale to include the week before and after.

Thirdly: Do your homework!

 If you are shopping online, compare your best priced products with Amazon, Ebay, Kogan, JB Hi Fi  Harvey Norman etc… (the big guns) as they are aiming to deliver massive price cuts apparently. A good comparison site to use to compare is

Finally: Know your budget. 

Know beforehand the maximum amount you are willing to pay, if you are after a specific item, and stick to your maximum price.


 Black Friday falls on Friday 29th November 2019. Cyber Monday is the Monday immediately following Black Friday: Monday 2nd December 2019.

More often than not, MANY (although not all) INSTORE retailers begin the sale the week of Black Friday (from Monday 25th November) and continue for two weeks (to Sunday 8th Dec).

Tech Gadgets/Computers and Lap Tops will all be on sale
Get ready to snap up some great Fashion/Beauty Bargains!!!