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International Women’s Day-8th March Lets Celebrate!!

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we thought it would be interesting to research some successful accomplishments from a few inspirational women. These are only a handful of the many, many achievements led by women throughout the world.  Did you know? Kathrine Switzer (1947 – d.) Became the first woman to ever run the Boston …

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Insomnia is a symptom of menopause, of anxiety, of depression and is also a symptom of other mental health disorders. It often contributes to even greater anxiety and exacerbates an already fragile mental state. When you are suffering insomnia, it’s all about experimenting to see what works best for you. Read on for the latest scientifically proven tips to help alleviate insomnia…. 

Get Up Off The Couch!

We will preface this segment of our blog by acknowledging that these articles are very raw, personal expositions. (Please be kind!) This is our mental outlet, the place where we can rant and rave and express all those crazy, middle-aged, random, mental menopausal mutterings, that not everyone gets, but of which some of us are …

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