Chicks In The Change Room – A Fast Fashion Post for MidLife (Feb 2020 Edition)

February 2020 Edition  –
‘Chicks In The Change-Room’

is a fast-fashion article intended for Women in their ’40s, ’50s and ’60s: Midlife Women who are interested in the latest Seasonal Fashion offerings and Styling.

We are aiming to make this a monthly (or at least Seasonal – every 3 months) dedicated post where we showcase a variety of fast- fashion options that are available in Australia. Our intention is to feature a cross-section of styling alternatives from department stores, chain stores, boutiques and specialty stores featuring different labels at a variety of price points.

Why Fast-Fashion?

Fast-Fashion is the number one choice for most women in that it is the more affordable option when it comes to style.  It is also more easily accessible, and I find I love the added advantage of having the ability to easily change up my looks each season because it is so reasonably priced and replaced. These days, we are able to purchase better quality than in years past. 

If you have any requests, we are always open to suggestions.

K Mart

This month, we were asked if we would hi-light K Mart, since it is widely available both instore and online, and thus, accessible to a vast number of women in Australia. It is one of the more affordable fashion labels and just might surprise a few of you.

I think most women will agree, K Mart has ‘upped their game’ in recent years with regards to affordability, accessibility and quality. With regards to myself, I rarely go into the store and exit with only one thing in the trolley these days, be it homewares (I love them in particular), reasonably priced office supplies, toys and gifts, gym wear, accessories and of course, fast-fashion items -my dog is particularly lucky in that I can always find a new novelty outfit for him – much to his obvious delight – NOT!)

So, off to our local Kmart we trotted and to our surprise, we found some fashion items that were really quite impressive for the price, and some that quite simply didn’t live up to par (some of us are harsh critics though!)

We’ll let you be the judge!

Chicks in the Change-Room
Before the 'try-on'

*OUR SIZING FOR REFERENCE ABOVE: Shelley is a standard Australian size 10-12 and an E in the Boobs, Nella is a size 12 and a B in the Boobs and Sarah is a size 8-10 and DD in the Boob department

Chicks in the Change-Room Feb 2020

Short-Sleeved Relaxed T.Shirt Dress
& Denim Jacket

A relaxed and simple outfit we all liked that exuded a 'cool and casual' vibe. Short-sleeved Relaxed T.shirt Dress $9 White Denim Jacket $24 and White Low top Sneakers with Gold Studs $10 Great look for a relaxed weekend attending sport or just 'hanging-out'.

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Chicks in the Change-Room Feb 2020

Satin Midi Skirt and Metallic Thread Top with Wedges

Both Sarah and Nella loved this elegant satin midi skirt in rich old gold and promptly bought them as they are on sale at the moment for $9. I am a little more curvy, and I felt it didn't do my hips any favours. The shirt was more glamorous than just any old, plain black T, as it had a silver sparkle detail throughout for $10. While I liked the wedge heel sandals for $20, they are too finicky for me to do up, (I'm a slip-on girl) Sarah loved them though.

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Chicks in the change-room

Metallic Grey ANKO Dress

This outfit was not my personal favourite on, although it was super comfortable, breathable and light weight for Summer. It is a metallic dark grey in colour and would be great for a casual BBQ or brunch with the girls and could be easily 'jazzed' up with some simple accessories. Wedge heel sandals $20 **Note** We all wear a size 8 here due to limited sizes. Priced on sale for $17 AU at present.

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Chicks in the Change-Room Feb 2020

Choc Spot Satin Midi Skirt, Rollneck Top & Open Waist Mule Mid Heels

We loved the 'on-trend' spotted skirt for $18, but mostly on the rack as we felt it didn't quite sit right on the body. The entire outfit was comfortable, especially the shoes (not too high and did not 'dig-in' anywhere), these were our fave part of the entire ensemble for $20- and the roll neck shirt was fine for $12, but nothing to write home about. Sorry, we forgot to get separate pics.

Chicks in the Change-Room Feb 2020

"Come join us y'all down on the farm"
Sleeveless Overalls, Lightweight Knit Batwing Top & Leopard Print Sneakers

LOL! We fair dinkum just need a blade of grass each to gnaw on! Actually, these Sleeveless Overalls for $28 were super comfy and would be great for 'chilling' out' in at home. They were very roomy and fun. I preferred the black as beige was a little drab for me. All of us were a size 8. We wore a light-weight knit underneath for $18. Leopard print sneakers (on sale $5)

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Chicks in the Change-Rooms Feb 202

Farm theme still going! Short-sleeved Puff Dress in beige check

While they were 'cute', we all agreed they were way too 'cutesy' and made us all feel like 'mutton dressed as lamb.' Priced at $22. Paired with White Low-top Sneakers $10

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Same dress different pattern

Chicks in the Change-Room Feb 2020
Chicks in the Change-Room Feb 2020

Sleeveless Tie Waist Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit was a surprise (I don't usually like pattern and stick to block colours) but it was my favourite item of all. Extremely comfortable in a cool light linen blend, it is versatile and would be perfect for all kinds of casual social occasions or just to laze around in. It is priced at $25 and is true to size. Nude pointed toe, Slingback Shoes- go with anything and are always smart - $12

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Chicks in the Change-Room Feb 2020

Lightweight knit Batwing Top & Buckle Linen Blend Mini

Unfortunately, this outfit just didn't 'float anyone's boat'. While the colours were great neutrals, everyone agreed they weren't the most flattering. The batwing knit top was unbelievably buttery soft and comfy to wear. Still, it was great fun trying all the different options available. Lightweight knit batwing sleeve top $18, Buckle Linen Blend Mini Skirt $15 and Leopard Print Sneakers $5

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Apart from the White Denim Jacket and the Jumpsuit above, these are my personal picks from K Mart at present – (unfortunately, ‘the girls’ weren’t with me for a ‘try-on’): Long-sleeved Tiered Dress $20 & Extended sleeve jumpsuit $28 below.

Chicks in the change-room
Extended Sleeve Jumpsuit $28
Chicks in the Change-room
Long-sleeved tiered dress $20