Three on a wire IS a metaphor of us: Shelley, Nella and Sarah. “Three Plain Janes” from Oz. 

Three ordinary, (OK only slightly crazy) peri, merry, and semi-post menopausal women from the ‘Brisbane Burbs’ in Australia writing a blog about Life!

The three of us feel like we are taking a risk here: like we are ‘flying by the seat of our pants’.  

We 3, are on the hunt to find balance and harmony in our lives (and probs walking a fine line in the process). We hope to do this (find balance and harmony, not walk the line-LOL!) with honesty, love and laughter.

Simply put: This is a Lifestyle Blog by Midlife Women for Women. We would like to communicate and share our interests with like-minded women who are ‘of a certain age’.  We do so in the spirit of friendship, support, positivity and to hopefully provide some insight and maybe even some inspiration along the way…




SARAH is a 45 (plus GST) year old woman. She is a medical scientist working to create change for women with cancer and is a mum to two teenage boys, who are quickly morphing into mini forms of her gorgeous husband. 

Making a difference is what drives Sarah both professionally and personally. Her passion for healthy living and love for creating healthy homemade food while keeping to a strict budget for time and money makes her the go to for any culinary inspiration. 

Having lived a little, she speaks from the heart; with passion, kindness, wisdom and love (which is usually backed by solid scientific knowledge).

 “Life is too short to let things slide to next week, setting challenges and making plans, starting today is what empowers us to strive for more next week”. Only you can start to make the change but I can inspire, educate, motivate, empower, support and congratulate you every step of the way.

NELLA: Who am I? “Well, to be honest, I am still trying to figure that out, but until I do, here is what I know so far”. Nella is an over 50 yr old woman, and divorcee of 21 years. She has two beautiful daughters 22 and 25 years old. Her career has been long and varied (whose hasn’t at our age?). Nella currently manages an over 55s retirement village full-time, but her passion is health, fitness, cooking and promoting creative artistry in multiple fields. 

‘Writing from the heart, plus sharing my life experiences is something I am so looking forward to’.

She loves and is inspired by motivational quotes, like this one from Albert Einstein, “It is not that I am so smart, it is just that I have stuck with problems longer!”.

Nella is also wayyyy toooo modest. 

She is an expert in various culinary cuisines, especially Italian. She also excels in event planning having had 17 years experience. Nella has successfully run her own fashion label and is knowledgable in all facets of that business ie from designing, to pattern making to dressmaking to production and administration and retail. She has owned and ran businesses in various fields ie activewear, fitness studio, designer, boutique manager. Nella is also a published author having published poetry and has written for the world-class coffee magazine: beanscenemag.com.au.

At 51 years old, SHELLEY is a wife to a wonderfully supportive man (a Saint really!) and a mother to three gorgeous, young men (25, 20 and 17 – “absolute spunks if I don’t say so myself!”) She works Part-time as a Dental Therapist  (along with other fabulous Women) in the health industry. Shelley is the original ‘Plain Jane!’ 

While not a gourmet Chef, she is health-conscious and manages to ‘cook up a storm’ in the kitchen. According to her boys she “runs a tight ‘n’ healthy pantry mostly, but can cook a mean lasagna and whip up a great dessert!” (She also has a great many friends with fabulous recipes to share!) 

Shelley is knowledgeable in the beauty industry having had many years’ experience in both skincare and makeup, and she enjoys keeping abreast of the latest fashion trends and forecasts.
“I am passionate about Women’s Health, about living our best lives and finding happiness in the small things. When you feel good, you look good, and you tend to radiate inner happiness. When I feel good about myself, I am confident I can help others more in their quest to feel good about themselves too! I believe kindness is NEVER overrated and laughter is essential on the daily! Laugh Loud, Sing Louder!”

Oh and she collects and absolutely ADORES animals of ANY and every kind… “except sharks and cockroaches!”


  • This is a website written and edited by us. Some things are written ‘tongue in cheek’, and never do we write with the intention to harm or hurt any person/s in any way.
  • We are not professional writers and do not claim to be. We are, however, ‘everyday’ women with many years of life experience between us (almost 150+ years together – Crikey!)
  • All opinions expressed are our own.
  • If we are very lucky, this website may contain some affiliate links which may generate some income for us.  
  • If anything is sponsored, it will be made clear as a sponsored post.
  • If anything is gifted, it will be labelled as such.
  • Please be reassured, that all of our opinions and suggestions are unbiased.

Thank you for spending some of your valuable time with us!