Christmas Trifle

Christmas Trifle

This trifle is an absolute favourite and was given to me by a relative about 30 years ago. Definitely not for anyone who is on a diet, but then who is on a diet at Christmas, really!!

1. Sponge cake or sponge finger biscuits or Swiss roll.

2. Large tin of fruit salad but you can use real fruit.

3. Retain the juice from the fruit salad mix; to soak the sponge in it. 

4. Jelly; different colours for effect, I used Raspberry and Lime Jelly and I let it set overnight. Chocolate for grating on top. 

6. Custard; and if you want you can use brandy custard.

7. Grand Marnier; optional for soaking the sponge in.

8. Cherries or strawberries; for decoration and/or marshmallows.


Cut Swiss roll or break up a sponge cake into pieces and place in your glass bowl as in Image 1 .

Pour some of the juice or Grand Marnier on the sponge, being careful not to overdo it, as it will be too soggy.  You can then add the fruit, custard and then the jelly and continue this until you have reached the top of your dish. See image 2.

The topping can be whatever you like but I have added marshmallows, fresh cherries, mint crisp (broken in pieces), and cute gingerbread biscuits I bought from Woolworths with a Christmas theme. Remember; have fun with it and make it to your liking. Set in fridge overnight for best results.

Christmas Trifle
Sample of ingredients used
Christmas Trifle
Image 1
Christmas Trifle