What to wear in Hot and Humid Weather

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So, for all the Queensland Ladies out there – (and anyone living or visiting an extremely hot climate) – are we looking forward to Summer 2019/2020? 

I am finding it all a bit of a giggle really when I am researching the current Summer trends/fashions/styles coming off the runways for this season and I see women wearing “summer white jeans, long-sleeved blouses paired with elegant and colourful, lightweight scarves and casually thrown ‘summer’ jackets over the ensembles”.

 Omg! In sub-tropical Queensland that is our Winter weather uniform most of the time!

 In Summer here  there is NO WAY we would cover our legs in denim or wear a ‘Summer’ scarf around our necks because we are literally dripping in sweat and suffocating in the humidity. This kind of summer attire would only exacerbate a ‘godawful’ amount of smelly, vile BO, as well as promote red and itchy heat rashes in all sorts of unwanted places.

It would be laughable to consider any sort of jeans/long pants ensemble in this sort of heat unless I wanted to drown in my own moist excretions! 

If I were to wear a scarf around my neck I would actually want to TEAR the darn thing off. I don’t want to be stuck with an unsightly canker rash festering beneath it! 

Up here, we get out of the shower in the mornings in a sweat! 

And what about us peri, merry and semi-post menopausal ladies who have to jump in the shower 2 or 3 times a night, with the dreaded hot flushes?… (AND that’s with the air con and ceiling fan going full bore!). The least amount of clothing, the better I say!

Seriously, it does get extremely hot and humid here, think 35-40 degrees with 80 per cent humidity. Some days, it feels unbearable.

I tend to walk around most days of Summer in my togs (NOT the heavy lycra ones) and thongs (thongs are a type of footwear in Australia), and jump in and out of the pool to cool down like 3-4 times a day.

 Hair is either worn short or up and away from the face and neck (that deals with the sweaty summer frizz!) 

And don’t get me started on the ‘makeup sliding off the face;’ dilemma! How on earth, am I meant to portray a glamorous, refined lady ‘of a certain age’ in this sort of crazy weather?? Everyone literally glows with a fine sheen of perspiration here. Definitely, NO hi-lighter needed! Ha! It would only last 2 mins before it slid off anyways.

It is safe to assume, I dislike the intensity of the heat, and all the discomfort it brings in the height of Summer in Queensland! 

Summer lasts anywhere between 3-6 months here (often mid-Oct-March).

Sometimes, I don’t want to put ANY clothes on this finely toned (LOL!) body. Sadly though, there would be an uproar in my house if I indulged this wish. Nudity is, unfortunately not well received by the rest of the family inside, and by the general public outside, of my house. 

And so, (SIGH), I must conform and allow my body to be clothed – (at least in the daytime!).

In all seriousness though, wearing clothing that is more appropriate for intense heat will certainly go far in the comfort and relaxation department. It will also help us ‘peri and menopausal women’ cope so much better with the ‘hot flushes’ throughout the day and night.

My personal summer clothing style includes breathable fabrics, mostly cotton. – Think billowy dresses or ‘a throw for over togs’, shorts and a T – that kind of ‘get-up’. 

Personally, I find linen, although permeable, too finicky a fabric in the height of (a Qld) Summer. I just couldn’t be bothered with the ironing or steaming required to maintain it. I mean, who wants to be ironing in 40 degrees? Not me Sister! That doesn’t mean I don’t like linen at all. The new ‘lightweight linens’ are a perfect transitional fabric for Spring/Summer (like now) and Summer/Autumn.

Here are some tips to help maintain cool, clean comfort in our Aussie summer weather conditions. (NB: These tips would most certainly be helpful to anyone experiencing or going into weather of extreme heat)


  • – SUNSCREEN – wear it, yes even inside! Rain, hail or shine!
  • – Wear the least amount of clothing possible
  • – Go for lightweight, loose and light coloured clothes. Flowing, loose garments allow air circulation and light coloured fabrics reflect light and heat. This will keep you cooler and more comfortable. Think: light billowy dress; or shorts and a loose top, add a pair of barely-there sandals for ‘day’ options.
  • – Try ‘natural-fibre’ fabrics: cotton, light linen and silk – these work best to absorb sweat, allow the air to circulate, and allow the skin to breathe. Synthetic fibres retain heat, don’t absorb sweat and therefore increase body temperature.
  • – Don’t go for dark colours, heavy or restrictive fabrics and clothes (steer clear of polyester, nylon, spandex/lycra – get out of your togs if not swimming!)
  • – Hydrate with water often (the water bottles with the sprayers or ones that can hold the chill, Ooh! and the ones with the little fan blower thingy are a good option – great when experiencing multiple hot flushes during the day!)


  • – SUNSCREEN – wear it ALWAYS, every day, rain, hail or shine. Pay particular attention to face and neck, décolletage, hands and arms before driving, or if out and about.
  • – Wear clothing that covers as much skin as possible (that you can stand) to protect against permanent skin damage.
  • – Go for again, lightweight, loose and light coloured clothing that reflects sunlight. Think loose skirts, maxi dresses etc…
  • – Wear a wide-brimmed hat to cover your head, face, ears, neck and chest
  • – Sunnies are a must (polaroid if possible)
  • – If you have to wear heavy clothing outdoors (ie for work/protective reasons), change as soon as they are not needed
  • – Hydrate with water often (the water bottles with the sprayers or ones that can hold the chill 

And remember, SUNSCREEN is a must!

Dresses shown are from H & M and Orange Sherbert – Redcliffe Qld

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