First Blog Post – We are Pro-Fesh-O-nuls!

OUR FIRST BLOG POST (October 2019)

I am a proh-fesh-O-nul.!

I am blogger/inflencer/writer- as of today!

“Consistency and grit!” These are apparently what I need to become a fantastic blogger! Well, I don’t know if I possess either, to be honest? I am just a regular, everyday woman, a ‘plain jane’ type ‘o’ girl, trying to keep my head in the game (of life), and keep it clear enough to convince everyone around me that I am sane and competent (LOL): like I know what I am doing every moment of every day -snigger, snigger!!- That I am responsible and reliable!

So I FEEL like I am a complete and utter fraud really! I don’t have any particular skills that would lend me to be a competent blogger for ‘women of a certain age.’ I’ve never written a damn thing! (Except on the odd hallmark card).

While there is no doubt I AM mature (aka old, but at least I fall into A category right?). I feel like I am just keeping my head above water most days! I am just trying my damndest to be the best wife and mother, daughter, friend, housekeeper, cleaner, teacher, part-time dental therapist, and dementia carer I can be.

Actually, I am selling myself a little short. I am also an expert councillor, handywoman and a skilled light bulb changer. Not to mention, a social media wannabe manager, a fashion and personal stylist, an avid Pinterest meal planner and sometimes gourmet chef (on a roll now!) A champion memory maker, an efficient AND punctual taxi service, a learned personal trainer, a (self) administrator, our house guardian and hall monitor, nurse, able wildlife carer and loving pet owner. THE canine anal gland milker of the house (not my fave), a well-practised (and I would even go so far as to say professional) personal shopper, a pro (self-taught, did one Tafe course once) makeup artist, skincare guru, a damn slick bargain hunter, a skilful referee, and human pillow. A photographer (another TAFE course), awesome back tickler and brow wiper, professional hugger (I am very ‘touchy-feely’), an entertainer, and an ok computer programmer (but getting better by the day!). I am also the chief problem solver in the family, financial planner, personal assistant and virtual encyclopaedia. I excel in the laundry -aka- chief washer, dryer/hanger outer-er/mildly proficient hem sewer and button replacer. A mindfulness leader, exterminator and vermin cleaner upperer. A bloody good decorator (again: Tafe course), an experienced investigator and psychic (when the need arises). A crackerjack multi-tasker, the veteran ‘family’ travel agent and researcher. A sometimes military rule enforcer-er, an ace driving instructor, master designer and personal atm. A bird whisperer, polished actress, life coach and event planner. A great crisis negotiator (when not panicking!), a creative wizard and magic maker and general boss(y) lady of the house… Phew! (Brow wipe!)

And all while suffering – ‘almost’ silently – (why do I see my family eye-rolling?) from THE PAUSE!!!! (MENO that is).

Gee Wizz! I SERIOUSLY do not give myself enough credit