Get Up Off The Couch!

We will preface this segment of our blog by acknowledging that these articles are very raw, personal expositions. (Please be kind!)

This is our mental outlet, the place where we can rant and rave and express all those crazy, middle-aged, random, mental menopausal mutterings, that not everyone gets, but of which some of us are TRULY -insert sarcastic scoff- BLESSED!

*These are the raw, unedited, scary, vulnerable, sad, ecstatically happy, confusing, totally random and crazy… (you get the drift)… thoughts of Middle-Aged Menopausal Women/Nutters.  AND WE ARE SORRY!

Get up off the couch…….by Nella

(I hope my story strikes a cord in a positive way for you – Positivity, Motivation, Over 50’s, Opportunity, Procrastinating, Take the plunge)

Three years ago I found myself in a rut. I was doing the same thing day in day out, no motivation, kids had left the nest, working full time, paying off a mortgage, living the single life. I could see myself slipping further into that dark hole that so many of us have experienced over the years.

Then an opportunity presented itself at work when I had a yearly review with my area manager and she made an offer to me, although I don’t think she expected the response I gave her.  She said if I would like to manage a developing retirement village in Sydney NSW. The position I was in at the time was assistant Village Manager at another of the companies sites in Queensland. When she offered this to me my reaction surprised me too as it did peak my interest, although if she had offered it to me say five years ago I would have said a straight out no.

I gave it some thought and discussed it with my family and even though it was up to me I would certainly take into consideration their thoughts but only I knew how I felt in the current situation I was in. The timing seemed right for me.

I would find myself on the couch at the ripe old age of 56 watching TV every night all by myself and I thought,”you know what I am getting very bored with life, I need an injection of ‘LIFE’”.

Hence you can guess I went back to my manager and said, YES!!!.   

So then the organised CHAOS started of packing my stuff into 3 sections, one for storage, one for the removalist to take and store till I found somewhere to rent and one lot for me to take in the car for everyday use for in the meantime.

My girls were going to rent my home off me as their situations changed and they needed to come back home (21yo & 24yo) so at least I didn’t have to rent it to strangers.

So there I was in Sydney in a serviced apartment going out looking for an apartment trying to beat all the others for a lease, it was hard work. I had never rented before so I didn’t know how to play the game, but soon learnt. It took me a month of looking in between going to work but I found a 1bed + study, 3rd floor and secure garage, I was very happy as it felt right. I had booked the removalist to deliver my stuff from their storage.  I had booked it for a Saturday so I had checked myself out of the serviced apartment and waited at my new place all day, making phone calls to the Brisbane office as the Sydney office was closed on a weekend but in the end they said they would deliver it Monday………….aaaarrrrggghhh. I had to rush out and buy an inflatable mattress  and a heater as it was winter and yes the apartment has an air con but I could not find the remote, but that’s another story.  Anyway they came on Monday and compensated me for the inconvenience.

  My first year in Sydney was difficult as I adjusted to a very different life that I had been used to and work was full on but I loved the challenge of a new village and dealing with lots of different  stakeholders. Then life started to settle down and I started to enjoy the lifestyle even though I had no close friends or family in Sydney I made sure I went out at least one day every weekend to discover places. Then a friend of mine that I used to work with found a job in Sydney   and she was in the same situation as myself as in she knew no one so we became our go to for each other.

We discovered as much as possible, it was so much fun. I learned to love Sydney even though I had always previously said I would never live there, I have changed my mind.

You are all saying, “but the traffic”, YES I hear you, it is chaotic if you drive on certain motorways and into the city. I had only driven to the City 3 times and swore never again as I ended up in circles and the Navman did not refresh in time but on speaking with Uber drivers and newbies they have the same issue.  Public transport is really great and just before I left to come home they introduced the driverless Metro. I tried it a few times and it was great very fast and they came every few minutes. 

Even though I had to come back to Queensland, getting up off the couch and trying something different, out of your comfort zone, something that challenges you as a person is healthy and enriching, grows your mind and empowers you to take control of your life.

I was too young to sit on the couch for the rest of my time on this earth.

Keep moving forward and don’t look back but for only to learn.    

Tried a Segway : )
Canberra ACT
The Post Office -loved this view
Papas Pasticceria - Yum