How to Look Taller and Slimmer

The following style tricks are often used by stylists to help their clients appear taller (and often slimmer in the process).

When you are not that tall, or you have short legs, there are a few tips and tricks ‘weeee’ ladies can employ to give the illusion of some extra height, so we can (a) actually be taller in some instances and (b) appear taller than we actually are.

These tips can give you the extra confidence to pull off an outfit.


This may seem an obvious one. 


Any heel will obviously make you physically taller, but you can also trick the eye by applying these less obvious strategies. 

NB: For the ladies over 45 who are so ‘over’ heels -talking about myself here- even a small wedge, or a platform shoe (all the rage atm) is going to make you taller. 


  Wear a pointed toe shoe – the sharper the point, the better. These will elongate your leg. Leg length translates to looking taller.


– Wear the same colour pointed toe shoes as your pants eg: if wearing black pants, then pair them with black pointy toed shoes as this will give the image of a longer leg length. However, if wearing shorts or a shorter skirt, WEAR NUDE (same colour as your skin tone) pointy toed shoes, as this again, will give the illusion of  elongating your legs, making you look taller. 


Make sure you wear shoes that don’t have thick straps around the ankle – this cuts you in half… Thin straps (thin, strappy sandals) work better. 


Make the shoes as plain as possible ie; any sort of embellishment or hardware on the shoe will distract and thus trick the eye by breaking up the illusion of length.


Wearing all the same colour  creates a vertical image. While you can wear ANY colour and it will make you look taller, DARKER COLOURS  work the best because they recede and make you look slimmer. The leaner you appear, the taller you look. You don’t have to wear black. Think navy, dark green, burgundy, dark brown, charcoal grey.


Yes, one of my personal faves. Like monochrome but adding a layer or topper piece, like a duster, cardigan or kimono in a contrasting shade over the monochromatic base. This makes the eye run up and down in parallel lines thus creating a long legged (parallel, taller) look.


These draw the eye downward, giving the look of a longer neck and torso, making you present as longer and taller.


Skirts that end just above your knee or at the narrowest part of your calf (for us ladies that don’t want it too short),  make your legs appear longer.


Billowy, boxy blouses and shirts draws the eye outwards to make us look ‘thicker’ and wider thus breaking up the longer line of the silhouette, and therefore making us  appear shorter.


Make them HIGH WAISTED. These will end on the waist ie: the smallest part of the torso for most women, thus making your legs look longer, giving a tower-like appearance. Tower-Tall – No brainer right?

-Also, make Jeans and pants FLARED OR BELL BOTTOMED OR BOOTCUT or PALAZZO and pair them with a more fitted top to appear leaner and taller.  However, according to : “Make sure that the flare jeans do not drag on the floor as this can make you look shorter rather than taller.”



Make necklaces fine and delicate or longer (as in Pendant length) in order to elongate your torso and appear taller. This again draws the eye downward, creating a longer torso, making us look – you guessed it- taller!!!


With earrings: if wearing a longer necklace, keep earrings small and delicate. However, if not wearing any neck adornment, go for narrow, dangly earrings to create the illusion of an elongated neck. A long neck gives a look of loftiness.

-HANDBAGS – Choose a smaller, slimmer shoulder bag rather than a larger one. Petite women can be overshadowed by a larger bulky bag as they accentuate how small you are. Also try not to have your bag hit the widest part of your body as this will create a horizontal line, thus cutting into your taller silhouette and making you look wider instead of taller.


Of course, these are not hard and fast rules! You can and should wear anything you like, when you like. If it makes you feel confident, you do you ladies!  😃

Do you have any added tips?


OOh! One more bonus tip for appearing taller in photos.  When taking photos, make sure the person taking the photo of you is taking it from a lower stance ie: from ‘below waist height and angling slightly upwards’ (insert photo of before and after and of someone taking a shot of you). It makes your legs look a lot taller.

SHOES that make you appear taller
Monochrome and column dressing with pendant jewellery all give the illusion of being taller than you actually are
Monochromatic Dressing Examples
Monochromatic with pointed toe
Examples of column dressing
Column dressing
column dressing
Bootcut or slightly flared Jeans
Monochromatic with v neck and long jewellery adornments drag the eye down giving the illusion of a longer torso /length
Monochromatic outfit
Perfect example smaller handbag, monochromatic, delicate jewellery, v neck
Choose a smaller handbag so it doesn't overwhelm your silhouette

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