How To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

How to make your fragrance last longer

Do you ever get frustrated because some people can wear fragrance and it lasts for hours, but when you wear it, it seems to dissipate by lunchtime and your Midlife odours start to permeate your nostrils? Did you know, some perfumes naturally last longer than others on people? And do you know how to pick these longer-lasting scents?  Today, we reveal how you can enhance longevity and maximum wear time from your perfume.

There are two reasons why some fragrances may naturally last longer than others, and then there are ways to physically increase the longevity of and enhance your fragrance.

1. Shelf-Life

Some perfumes have a longer shelf-life than others. Fragrances with predominant base notes last longer than those with predominant top notes. Base notes usually include woods and spicier scents like patchouli and amber. These are likely to have a longer shelf life. You’ll notice that many of the perfumes in our last post ‘The Best Long-Lasting Perfumes of 2020’ reflect this quality. Perfumes with predominant top-notes include citrus, floral and green scents.

2. Fragrance Oil Ratio

According to ‘Perfumes have different ratios of fragrance oil to alcohol. Parfum has the most fragrance oil in it, while eu fraich (body splash) has the least. Perfumes with the highest concentration of fragrance oil will last the longest on the skin. This is why perfumes -with a higher oil ratio- are more expensive.

  • Apply your scent to fresh, moisturised skin: Applying perfume directly after showering onto dry skin that has been freshly moisturised ensures longest lasting application. Your pores are clean and naturally more open and able to absorb the scent. The addition of a non-scented moisturiser also gives the perfume something to cling too.
  • Pulse Points: Where a scent is placed on the body also effects how long it will last. There are certain points on the body that heat up and fluctuate in temperature throughout the day. When perfume is applied to these areas (known as pulse points), these temperature fluctuations not only help release the fragrance but cause the fragrance to develop releasing underlying scents over time within the perfume. Apply perfume to all your pulse points located at the nape of your neck, the insides of your elbows, your wrists and the backs of your knees, and your ankles (anywhere you can feel a pulse).
  • No Wrist-rubbing Ladies: According to those in the know at Mecca: ‘Please DON’T rub your wrists together! It dulls down the top notes of the fragrance, and forcefully combines the scent with your natural oils, which can change the way it smells and lasts’.
  • Vaseline: Apply a dap of vaseline to your pulse points before your perfume. This acts as an occlusive and locks in the scent.
  • For Touch-Ups: Spray or dab cotton tips or a cotton pad with your ‘fave’ perfume and seal them in a ziplock bag while still wet, making sure to squeeze out as much air as you can. Pop it into your bag for a quick touch-up later on in the day.
  • Clothing Tip: To get the best from your perfumes, try spritzing some absorbent tissue paper with your favourite scent and line your underwear/clothing drawers with it. Replace it every couple of months or change of season so it permeates through the clothing.
  • Hairbrush Tip: Another layering tip is to spray it on your hairbrush and brush through dry hair. *Don’t spray directly onto hair as the alcohol can damage hair.
  • Layer, layer, layer: Try layering your with your signature scent in different formulas ie a body washes, bodyspray, moisturizing lotion, powder and perfume in your signature scent.
  • No shaking and Keep it in the bottle: It is advised not to shake your perfume bottle and to keep it in it’s original packaging. The reasoning behind this is so you do not introduce air into the bottle. air will comprimise the integrity of the perfume by altering its chemical composition and thus shortening its life
  • Storage: And finally to ensure your perfume does not expire too soon, consider its storage. Ideally, fragrance should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. This is not your bathroom. Bathrooms are often hot and humid and fluctuate to cold and wet -not the ideal place, right?

I hope these methods help 🙂

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