Simple Italian Cannoli

This cannoli recipe is the cheats version of an amazing Italian treat that can be prepared in minutes. They taste delicious and look brilliant at your Christmas table, or for any occasion.


– 1 – 12 pack of Cannoli shells (Packs of cannoli shells – size dependent on your taste. I like to use the small ones as I serve them with Tea/Coffee. I purchase these at Deli’s usually. )

– Tub of mascarpone

-Tub of Ricotta – fresh preferably (alternatively you can use philly cream cheese)

– 1 cup Soft Icing Sugar

– Melted chocolate

– Crushed Pistachios for decorating.

Method: Mix mascarpone and ricotta in a bowl and add the icing sugar, if you think 1 cup is too much then taste as you go along. Once all mixed well, place in a piping bag ready to fill cannoli. Melt the chocolate and dip both ends into the chocolate then place aside (or refrigerate) to cool and set. Once the chocolate has set, fill the cannoli with the mascarpone mix and dip the end in the pistachios. To finish them off, dust with icing sugar and decorate them to your personal taste: fairy floss, edible flowers and there you have it. 

You can’t stop at one I guarantee it!!