Tribute to a Wonderful Woman – Daisy Coleman

tribute to Daisy Coleman
Tribute to Daisy Coleman today, a hero lost.

We were so sad to read about the death of such a wonderful young woman -Daisy Coleman, who lost her fight for life last week: 4/8/2020. 

Daisy was such an inspiration. She was a public speaker, an advocate for change, and a true hero to many women. By speaking out with her own story, she was changing the world in so many ways. 

Let’s be clear, she was almost forced to speak out initially, due to all the notoriety she received on social media. But in doing so, Daisy inadvertently gave hope, strength and power back to so many women throughout the world. 

Who was Daisy Coleman?

Daisy was a survivor and role model for many victims of sexual assault. She was also a loving daughter and sister, a wonderful friend and a normal, fun-loving teenage girl at the time of her assault at 14. 

Daisy was only 23 years old when she passed away tragically last week, from suicide.

Her Story

We first came across her story on a documentary entitled “Audrie and Daisy.” The story bought to light the injustice of many worldwide legal systems when it comes to minimising and dismissing sexual assaults of women, the dangers of social media, and the subsequent inequitable bullying and discrimination heaped upon victims. (You can search for documentary still, on Netflix).

Daisy’s story is also one that happens far more than you might think. Many sexual assaults that occur; like Audrie’s and Daisy’s are often kept quiet by the victims themselves for many reasons: guilt, shame, fear of discrimination, the law… 

Daisy’s Legacy

To her credit, Daisy, with her strength of determination, went on to co-found an organisation called SafeBae (Before Anyone Else), a non-profit organisation that helps prevent sexual assault in schools in the US.

Daisy: RIP beautiful girl, you were a source of inspiration and hope to so many women throughout the world. You will always be a champion of strength, of courage, of selflessness, integrity and kindness… You deserved more respect and honour than you will ever know.
To her family and friends: We can only imagine what you are going through. Daisy’s legacy will never be forgotten.
Tribute to Daisy Coleman